Why Rainscreen Facades are Important

Yes we all love rain. Yes the smell of soil as the first drops touch it, is divine. At the same time, we also have to admit that rains have some not so desirable characteristics as well. Rain paves the way for a lot of other problems into our house. Mould and mildew are just some of these so called problems. Too much water exposure without enough drainage can even affect the foundation of your house.

Another very annoying fact about rain damage is that it’s really costly to repair. The right rainscreen facades can help you avoid all that – and we will look at why you need it.

First Exposure

Your roof is the part of the house that gets primarily exposed to rain. So it makes sense that your line of defense starts from your roof. Make sure that your roof has no leaks so that your interiors are protected.

The next thing you have to do is protect your walls. Protecting your walls also carry over into the protection that you offer the foundation of your house.

Terracotta Rainscreen – Helping You Keep Your Buildings Safe

Walls are some of the most vulnerable parts of your house. There are a couple of ways through which water can enter the walls of your house – and why you need terracotta rainscreen.

  1. By the wind:

Heavy winds can increase the velocity of rain and force it into the tiniest of openings in your wall. Once even a drop of weather makes its way in, it makes sure to weaken its surroundings and find a way to let more of its brethren find space. Be sure to have water resistant insulations that will give you the best protection.

  1. By capillary action:

 Water has a unique property called surface tension. This in turn brings about a function called capillary action or capillary rise, which essentially lets water enter any small crevice if enough concentration of water molecules is present to create a pressure gradient. You can protect your house from this using an insulating air blanket.

  1. Gravity:

This is another way in which water can find its way into your walls and weaken them. Water from rain especially, even if only a few drops come in contact with your walls, they coalesce together to form one big drop and then flow down.

One sure-fire way to protect your house from rains and cover all bases is to install rain screens. If you have the right architectural designers and engineers, you’ve nothing to worry about when designing architectural facades.

Installing rains screens are no small matter. A lot of effort and design considerations have to be put into them, so that you can find one best suited for your house.

You need to know where to look for the best rain screen for you under your budget and aesthetically appealing to you. As of the now the best spot for this is Argeton Terracotta and find the best collection of rain screens ever.